A Celebration of Spring and Wine

Every year, when the green fields by the house start to bloom with colorful wild flowers, I feel a longing for a trip to Kerem Maharal. In this hidden valley, once the maw of an ancient volcano, I’m always filled with the feeling that this is a true Israeli abundance, which in turn fills me with inspiration.

Beyond the intoxicating nature, the woods, the deciduous orchards with their purple blooms, the countless wild flowers along the trails, we always end our trip with an excellent glass of wine at the Amphora Vineyard in Makura.

תורמוס   לבנדר

Two weeks ago we sat, surrounded by all of this beautiful green, floating on a cloud of happiness and content after tasting several excellent glasses of wine. We knew that despite the short notice, we would love to host a small toast with our clients right there, just before the holidays.

We met on a perfect sunny Saturday by the press, and crossed the orchard on the twisting gravel road to the winery.

כוס יין ורוד השביל בבוסתן

The orchard was founded in the memory of Captain Tom Farkas, and is used as an experiential learning center which focuses on instilling knowledge and values about keeping the environment and promoting coexistence between man and nature. The center is open to all and invites visitors to come and be impressed by its beauty and serenity.

עלה גפן מניץ   פרגים

In the middle of this picturesque nature stands the impressive stone building of the winery itself, build in a Tuscan style. We sat outdoors and enjoyed the warm sun.

מבט על היקב   ורד צהוב בחלון   לימונים “We “tried” five exquisite wines, with the accompanied explanations. We toured the winery, chatted, relaxed and finished with tray full of pralines, whose taste was even better than their look, handmade by the excellent Gilat Orkin.

יין וגבינות   צלחת שוקולדים   פרלין נגוס

So to the spontaneous who managed to get a babysitter, and to those who hasn’t flown to their holiday vacation yet, we enjoyed celebrating with you. To stop the normal flow of life and enjoy the moment.

עם צרפתי יין קינוח לליאת קולאג

Special thanks to Reut, who didn’t just drink, but also took photos as souvenirs.

Happy Holiday !