A Perfect Coffee for a Perfect Day

The most consistent ritual in my life is drinking my morning coffee. A fifteen-minute-long ritual of silence, staring at the air with the perfect cup of Latte coffee in my hands and countless thought running in my mind.

קפה של בוקר אופקיThe first sip in the morning as a special kind of flavor and power which is unrivaled by any other cup of coffee you might drink during the rest of the day. A pure and clean moment I enjoy with Nespresso’s excellent coffee in one of my favorite cups.

When Nespresso invited me to try their new coffee machine, the Pixie Clips, I didn’t have any reason to hesitate.

I’m already addicted to the coffee, and the idea of a coffee machine which allows me to fool around by changing the side panel and changing the machine’s look anytime I wish made me fall in love with it.

קליפ צהוב

In perfect lemony yellow which is perfect for my office’s colors.

קליפ ג'ינס 2

An enjoyable Affogato in a casual denim look for the afternoon (and it is real denim cloth, not just a print on plastic).

קליפ שחור

Or an elegant black, shining and three-dimensional for the evening.

Changing the panels takes no more than a second and is extremely simple, with twelve different panels in the series.