Through my eyes, home is life’s anchor, a place to which you can return every time in order to recharge yourself with love, memories and beauty. A home needs to stimulate every sense, to create opportunities to experience and enjoy the little moments of comfort and ease.

For me, life itself is art, it’s finding the balance between public and private, between work and family, and between dreaming of the future and enjoying the moment, the now.

This is the quality of life I aspire to have in my private life, and it’s the same quality of life that I give my clients. When I plan and design houses, I always imagine environments that will be lived in through generations, a timeless architecture.

I believe in the elegancy of simplicity as shown In my projects, as I create spaces which are simple and natural, but also elegant and layered, combining the indoor and outdoor living. By combining a variety of disciplines and being very attentive to all of the space’s components  – the architectural design, material selection, usage of natural and artificial light, the interior design, and down to every minor detail.

Education – Owns a B.Design.B academic degree from The College of Management Academic Studies’, and working in planning and designing private and public architectural projects since 2002.

Project Management:

In order to help my plans and designs realize their true potential, my office offers a complete project management service. A building or renovation project can be (and should be) easy and enjoyable, despite its challenges. You don’t need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ by yourselves, instead, we offer you the chance to use the knowledge and experience our office accumulated over the years. 

The budget, inventory and timetables are thought out and made clear even before the actual work starts.

Arnon Hadas, an Industrial Engineer, is in charge of the projects’ management, managing the budgets, craftsmen, and timetables. The man who makes sure everything happens as it should, numbers, people and tasks included, solving problems and remaining calm for everyone else, and (not accidentally) my husband.