An Illuminated Apartment in Tel Aviv

For the couple that lives in this small, old apartment with their almost-teenager daughter it was obvious that even though its size was interfering with their plans to enlarge the family, they couldn’t let the apartment go.

A perfect location, quiet neighborhood, and an enchanting green garden a crosshair away convinced them to come to me and challenge me to turn a two-bedroom 73 m2 apartment into a three-bedroom apartment with the same total area.

The smaller the space is; the more planning is required in order to use it efficiently. Creating many storage spaces so that the various objects that are used daily will “disappear” and the lighting and living space will be maximized.

My dear clients are diverse people, with intensive lives. During the day they work in high-tech, and when they get home, they turn the creativity up a notch. He is a well-known and successful author, who writes imaginative and witty books, and she plays the guitar and loves music. After several talks it was clear to me that it was important that the house, despite its size, will help them relax and relieve some of the sensory-overload resulting from too many materials and textures.

סלון ומטבח אלכסוני

The long entry hallway, which was dictated by the way the apartment was built, was used efficiently by embedding an entry, service and laundry cabinets which “disappear” into the wall on one side, and on the other side, I used practical elements of tall hanged bookshelves, a mirror which doubles the feeling of space in the hallway and a long, low cabinet which leads into the main space of the apartment and adds additional storage space.

מסדרון כניסה

The apartment has a challenging L-shaped space. By first destroying all of the inner divisions, enlarging the various openings and using the great 3.2 m height, I was able to create a gallery-bed in the daughter’s bedroom, which in turn allowed me to add an extra room between the master bedroom and the bathroom.

חדר ילדה מבט אלכסוני
מבט מחדר חדש לחדר הורים

The master bedroom enjoys a large, low window which makes the room feel larger and makes looking outside possible even when lying down.

חדר שינה מבט לחלון

ארון חדר הורים

The bathroom uses the same colors and materials as the rest of the apartment; oak, cream and light blue.


Despite the proximity between the open kitchen, the dining area and the living room, a perfect proportion in maintained between the various functions. Using one clear and consistent design language makes the room feel open. The tall windows which surrounds the house let the greenery on the windowsills connect the outside with the in.

סלון מהמטבח

5 מטבח ושולחן מהסלון
 אי עבודה במטבח
 שולחן אוכל

The physical proximity between the buildings which is characteristic for an urban environment, dictated the addition of curtains for privacy.

פינת ספה

 סלון מהאי במטבח
תכניות לפני ואחרי
Photos by the talented Aviv Kurt.