Styling a Private House in Raanana

Usually, getting to the stage of dressing a house takes a long and deep relationship with the clients, after several months of planning, renovating and building, only then I arrive at the ‘crème de la crème’ of the process, the dressing stage. The various objects, including furniture, textile, artworks, gardening, and more which turns a group of walls into a house. By then, the clients are aware of the ‘DNA’ of the project, our professional trust it well founded and I led them on a well-planned ‘hunting’ trip.

Recently I experienced a somewhat different type of a project. A young family who moved from a small apartment to a wide house in Raanana. The house was in a good structural and physical condition, but was old-fashioned design-wise, therefore most of the required work was completely redesigning and redressing the three stories and the large garden from scratch, and in one month before the family moved in. It was intensive and challenging, but it was made possible thanks to clients who trusted me, came with a significant budget and let me run ahead.

A modern brick-covered fireplace separates the living room and the dining room and next to it a large cushioned window-sit overlooking the garden.
2 מבט לגינה מהסלון

An ‘L’-shaped sitting area defines the living room and lives a wide passageway to the garden exit behind it.
5 סלון עם צופי

Choosing the artworks for the walls is always a challenge, finding object which will fit both the project’s budget and the clients’ taste. The perfect ceramic balloon is by Sivan Sternbach, and unfortunately the wonderful artworks by Oren Zinger and Yair Barak arrived a week after the photo-shooting.
3 מבט לטלויזיה   ציור ארן זינגר   בלון סיון שטרנבך וצילומים יאיר ברק

The artworks were purchased through the art curator Keren Bar-Gil.
AKP_9278_f_web   6 מטבח עם עינב

It fun to discover that nature is on your side when we arrived to a shooting day, whose date was decided on long before, to see that the garden was filled with fresh lime-green spring leaves which went extremely well with the kitchen accessories.
7 לימונדה ופרחים על אדן החלון

Since there wasn’t enough time for a massive renovation in the bathroom we decided to not touch the floor and wall covering, but changing the cabinet and the painted tiles in the niche as well as improving the sanitarian tools and mirror gave the room a completely new appearance.
12 ארון כיור

At the front of the house there is a screen wall at the house’s height starting in the dining room and continuing through the family area on the second floor.
11 פינת משפחה

The children haven in the basement was upgraded with a parquet, a wall board, and a wooden house which was painted by the clients as a family project.
13 מרתף משחקים

In the garden there is a brick oven for outdoors cooking and an inviting wooden table.
שולחן חוץ

It a house (and parents) which indulges the kids, as we said. The giant trampoline and the soccer gates didn’t get into the picture.
בית עץ

I brought the little model form home with me 🙂

Pictures by Aviv Kurt.