I Love Paris in the Spring Time

We can no longer ignore the fact that the summer is here, and with it the heat and humidity. All we can do is try to stay as long as possible in a chilly and cozy bubble indoors. Just as the known saying claims that a child sees a puddle as an opportunity, while an adult sees it as an obstacle. I remember myself as a young girl waiting for the summer all year long: sun, vacation, pool (no sea or ocean in Jerusalem). Now I think in terror: sun, vacation (for the children), sea full of jellyfish and everything swimming in a soup-like sticky humidity.

It’s so nice to remind myself that just beforehand, we managed to go on a quick one-week trip to Paris. The blooming flowers in the gardens, the crisp cool air, and the two of us wondering through the familiar and beloved streets and squares of the city.

I wrote on the blog about Paris several times before, after previous trips, but after this trip as well, I returned with some new discoveries and suggestions. For anyone who follows me on Instagram and got to experience it with me in real-time and who wrote to me that they would love to see a suggestions’ list, I keep my promise and share with you the best Paris has to offer.

Since I wanted to maximize the feeling of freedom, I decided not to wonder around with my excellent but heavy professional camera, and used my IPhone instead. Hopefully you’ll forgive me.

גלגל ענק בגני טולרי

גדר טולרי
פעמוניות בגן
פיתוחים ואריות
דלת אדומה שמלה אדומה


As always, we stayed in two different hotels during the trip, with different characteristics and locations, and I highly recommend both of them.

Hôtel Parc Saint Séverin – Located in Saint-Germain-des-Prés in an excellent location, the room is cozy with a modern, colorful and warm design. The view from the fifth floor was breathtaking, with a small balcony a cross-hair from the church rooftop.

מעל גגות העיר

My favorite breakfast…

אקלר על גגות העיר

הוא יושב אל החלון

The hotel’s public areas are fine but not really interesting, the main point of interest is the room which feels great to return to at the end of the day.

Hotel Providence – A new charming and romantic boutique hotel in the northern part of the Marais not far from the republic’s square, with an art-deco design. On the ground floor there is an especially charming bar-café-restaurant.
ארוחת בוקר של אלופים

The breakfast is rich and delightful and the room is everything I can ask for is vacation like this. We had a cute mini-bar for various alcoholic drinks in our room, together with a nice recipe book for various cocktails. A place in which it’s easy to forget where you came from and where you’re planning to go next.

hotel providence

(Relaxing with cousins who ‘came over’ for a visit from the Netherlands)

עם מקסים וברנדט

Every day is a ‘good hair day’ in Paris.

a good hair day

At the hotel Le Pavillon De La Reine we hadn’t stayed yet, but I’ve got a feeling it will be on my list for the next visit. Wondering around the ‘Place des Vosges’, one of the most charming squares in the city led as to an enchanting inner garden and to the front of this amazing hotel. An address worth remembering.
hotel le  pavillon de la reine
דלת בכיכר וסגס

How much beauty and inspiration comes from wondering around the streets and shops of Paris. Sometimes the most surprising and joyful discoveries are behind an anonymous door, but I also have a list of addresses on which I never give up.

The ‘temple’ of design, Merci, on the edge of the Marais, I visit every time, and enjoy myself with the three stories, the café and the gardens, filled with esthetic goodness.

Here, like in any design or clothing shop which respect itself, the linen is the star. Bedsheets, curtains, table maps and more in countless colors.

מצעי פשתן במרסי

מרסי החנות האהובה עלי בפריז
ארגזי תפוזים  במרסי
ארנון במרסי

After 23 years in countless design shops with me, my husband developed an immunity and can keep his smile.

The linen bedsheets of my dreams I actually found in the store BHV , where I created a combination which include a comforter cover with a summer-y pattern of wheat, from the Absolument Maison collection. I’ve got to mention that the feeling of the covers on the body is amazing and otherworldly, the cloth went through a special process which turned it as soft as possible, with a chic look.

BHV is a huge and high-quality department store in the Marais, which fits perfectly if you fell on a rainy day and already visited every museum. Unlike stores like Le Bon Marche, in which everything is horrendously expensive, here you can find countless brands and products in sensible prices.

The store include several floors dedicated to great wallpapers and wall paints (which I wish were available here), furniture, textile and houseware.

החומרים מהם עשויה השראה
If you could enter the computer for a trip through Pinterest with all the five senses, it would probably look like the concept store of Bensimon. They didn’t skip any trend, but did it well. A great store for gifts, for yourself or for others.
Loft Design By… is a store in which I would love to fill my suitcase with the most comfortable, highest quality, nonchalant clothes in the world. Since my suitcase was already on the verge of exploding, I made due with one perfect khaki shirt.


Will I’m not keeping the best for last, I will say that if there is one address to which we will return in the future, it is the amazing bistro, Bistro Volnay.

bistro volnay

It is located not far from Madeleine Square and the opera house in an area filled with excellent shops. The décor and the ambiance are very Parisian, in the best way. In midday, most of the diners seemed like business people and government workers. The food was excellent, French with a modern twist, and the service was great.

If you recall Merci (up above), this time I want to recommend the small and perfect restaurant on the lower floor. Sit among thin Parisians who let themselves no more than a single bite (I swear that both to my right and to my left, the ladies ordered a cake and left it almost whole). The restaurant has a light menu, consisting mostly from salads and pastries, but they are excellent. Even my carnivore next to me enjoyed everything. Everything has a fresh appearance, as if the ingredients were picked only a moment ago, straight to the plate, and the taste matches it.
מרסי תפוחים מהעץ לצלחת
If you had your fill of small and tidy dishes of great French food, and you’re dangerously close to sugar-poisoning, I’ve got a suggestion for a different type of place, a surprising BBQ bar, with a rustic design, called Floyd’s Bar & Grill.

A perfect place for a dish filled with protein and alcohol.

floydws bar & grill

So until the autumn is here, I leave you with a cold image of a tree-filled Parisian boulevard.


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