I shall tell you something that you do not know about me

I am shy. Those of you who know me are chuckling right now. People who know me really well know that it is absolutely genuine. I am a shy woman that dares (and who always has something to say), and so I leave my comfort zone and find myself getting excited on the way to another new adventure.

From time to time I am offered to lecture in different forums on Mediterranean life: houses, the process of creation, and on my design concept and personal perspective that guide me, derived from a need to create houses that enrich life experience. For a long time I resisted and evaded this, until finally a number of responses written in Facebook lit a spark, and caused me to understand how I really want to share this experience. In intimacy and in good company, in the house that I created, where the place itself tells a large part of the story.

And so last Friday was the first meeting hosting wonderful clients in Hod Hasharon. They opened their house with a warm greeting to a group of women that came to start the weekend in a morning of inspiration.

It was lovely! I even enjoyed it very much. Again I learned that it is not difficult to speak about what opens my heart and fills life with meaning especially with wonderful people.

Before everyone came I still got excited.


When I began it already became difficult to stop until a yellow butterfly flew in from the garden, drew our attention (because of it all cellphones were out) and marked our way to the table.