Letting the Spring Indoors

A home needs to speak to all the senses in order for us to be filled with energy and inspiration. When our senses are awake we manage to leave the crazy race of life and the constant distractions and simply be in the “now”. Soaking in the calm of the sounds of water running in the garden or a beloved tune. Enjoying the smell of the roses or the fresh coffee in the kitchen. Enjoying a soft blanket or cool bedsheets. Eating a delicious meal with friends and family and watching a familiar view through the windows.

The sense of smell is one of the more mysterious of the senses. It has the power to awake old memories and make new ones, create an ambiance, to calm or to energize.

When clients sit in my office and the door to the garden is open. They never stay indifferent towards the amazing scents coming from the garden. The blooming of the orange, the lavender and the various spices and herbs. More than once, I heard the phrase “could you maybe pack some of this amazing scent so I could take it home with me”, so this is exactly what I’ve done.

After countless sniffs and mixings, we manage to create an amazing scent, one which will remind you a perfect summer night, with an open window which carries the various scents inside. An elegant, luxurious and Israeli scent all at one.

The perfume is made from natural, high-quality, extracts and is packed in 200 ml bottles which last for about half a year.

מבשם לבית


If you wish to purchase a first-edition bottle, check the following link.

(*Available only in Israel)