My New Book is Complete!

For the last few months, the blog has been quite, and not for no reason…

I went on a journey, one that requires every creative effort, one that takes time. A journey toward my book!

It was long, exciting, amazing, and sometimes challenging and exhausting, like an emotional rollercoaster. Mid-way through I began to call it “my Everest”.

After long months of writing and deleting, digging and refining, until the complex became obvious, and the book formed and took shape. Then, I was able to let other talented people to join me in the process. People who share the same language and life style with me, and which lent their talents and skills to the creation of this book.

Now that I made it to the top of the mountain, and the book entered print, I look back with love on each of its 304 pages, which realize everything I dreamt of, and I can finally share it with you and the world.

So, why did I do it?

For over eight years, I have been writing and taking pictures for my blog. At some point, as a part of a natural evolution, I felt that I wanted to create something that let me tell a more complete story. Creating a book that will present my work, but will also have an added value beyond photographs of the eleven beautiful houses that can be found within. A book that will allow me to share my worldview with anyone who finds beauty and quality of life important. The book refines my worldview as a creator and designer, and allows me to share the lifestyle that I give to my clients.

So what is in it?

Beautiful houses, interesting people, good food and the joy of life. All of which form my new book: ‘Mediterranean Living – the Four Seasons in Houses Designed by Liat Hadas’.

The book holds a complete worldview, with a deep connection to location, climate, history and culture. The book is divided to the four seasons, with each part including texts, photographs and other contents related to life during the season.

I was lucky to host extremely talented people who share my vision. A dream-team of four chefs, each one preparing a colorful and delicious seasonal dinner and shared their recipes with us. We also had a master baker, who filled the house with the scent of yeast and cinnamon, a wonderful illustrator who is also a gardener, and a one-of-a-kind lifestyle guru, who shared her enchanting collections with me.

So who are those talented people? You will have to wait for the next post to find out…

Meanwhile, a small random look into the book:

How to purchase?

With a pre-order through our site’s store, right here.

Anyone who will also purchase tickets to our wonderful Winter Party will get the book personally at the event!

* The book is only available in Hebrew at the moment.