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Mid-Summer Night’s Dream – House Perfume


A house should speaks to all the senses, so it will fill us with inspiration and energy. The sense of smell is one of the more mysterious of the senses. It has the power to awake old memories and reinforce new ones, to create an ambiance, to calm and to recharge us with new energy.

When clients sits with me in my office, they don’t remain indifferent to the amazing scents that come from my garden. The blossom of the orange tree, the lavender, the spices and the herbs. Not once was I asked, “Maybe you could pack us this scent as take-away?”, so this is exactly what I did. After countless sniffs and mixes, I managed to get the perfect scent, the scent which reminds you of a perfect summer evening, during which the window is open and the scents coming in fill the heart and the house. An elegant, luxurious and Mediterranean scent.

The perfume is made from natural high-quality extracts and is packed in a 200 ml bottle which is designed to last at least half a year.


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