Spring Wish list

hallo spring מותאם

Despite the gender-oriented tendency, I’m more of a hunter than a gatherer. And no, I’m not talking about some new diet you haven’t heard of, but rather about the way in which I shop.

It might be because I don’t live in the city, so there is no chance that I might find my dream dress or that lamp I never knew I needed while I’m on my way to the grocery store. This is why I have to be focused when I go shopping. Regardless, it is also sort of a world view, mostly. ‘Less is More’, I would always prefer quality over quantity and deferred gratification over compromising. After years of going through countless stores with my clients I got one important conclusion – In order to succeed and to avoid regret (or to return the product later – I have a few friends who I realize a long time ago enjoyed the returning and exchanging part more than the actual shopping), spontaneous shopping works only when you know exactly what you want (spontaneously, of course). Only if you got you house or wardrobe’s ‘DNA’  clear and firm in your head and you have an organized list of all the item you really want or need, you can loosen up and ‘go with the flow’, since you moved from an impulsive and passionate gathering to a more patient and precise hunting.

I get excited and fall in love with many beautiful items, but I return home only with the items which I know where I’m going to put and what I’m going to do with. While I do say goodbye to many items I desire along the way, but that what Pinterest is for, after all.

Every season I make myself a private Pinterest page, in which I gather my seasonal wish list, a small group of items for my hose and wardrobe which I either want or need. Usually I manage to fulfill most of it. This way, the ‘spontaneous’ shopping are in fact a well-designed hunt, and the success and satisfaction match it.

So this time, here is my private inspiration for this spring.

סטריפ לאתר

01 – Greeting the spring with a light, fresh and clean white.

02 – Zelig Tiles – I simply love those traditional Moroccan handmade tiles.

03 – The perfect lamps of Serge Mouille. I want one for my reading area in the living room, but I can’t decide if I want a black one or a white one…

04 – This is the place for a joke about the barefoot cobbler. It’s about time to replace the sofa in the living room. In the months since we decided that we had to replace the sofa, I picked about five different sofas for clients, each one more beautiful than the last, yet I still hadn’t found the one for me.

05 – Sometimes inspiration comes from the spiritual rather than the physical. Since it is the best season to enjoy our backyard, in the small window of opportunity between the wet and cold winter and the hot and humid summer, it’s fun to just go out to the backyard and enjoy a relaxing meal or conversation outside.

06 – A garland with little twinkling lamps always makes me happy, and goes great with the previous wish.

07 – As soon as the air changes and the scents of spring enter our house and fill my heart, the roads call me and wake a longing for travel in me, so, in the place where practicality meets fashion, this is the right bag.08 – London here I come! Five days filled with fashion and design await me really soon!