Sultans of Swing

In the future, once I’ll build my dream house on top of hill with a never ending view, I’m sure one of the first things I’ll do would be hanging a swing on which I’ll be able to sit while watching the sunset, gently rocking and daydreaming.

If you never saw an angry child relaxing by swinging on a swing, you missed watching magic in action, the type of magic which works on all of us. From a gentle and monotonous rock which calm us to a powerful swing, a rush of adrenaline, freedom and pure joy.

So who said only children are allowed to swing, or that you most own a large backyard? You can always hang a swing inside the house., A basic version in the living room or an elegant version in the dining room.

Via charlotterivers.blogspot., This boat-themes swing is just great, either in the bedroom or the kids’ room.



Via Dobel-ID, On the front porch in the American style or a hammock amid the ‘wild’ nature.