Trend Looove – Design with Copper

Using elements with copper in house designing became one of the prominent trends in the last couple of years, and it seems that it is here to stay.

Unlike the strong oriental associations of pots and plates from the Jerusalem’s old city, in its current form copper is used in various ways which complement the material’s great versatility, from a reddish hue to a golden yellow, with a modern shine or an unusual texture thanks to oxidation.

Copper has a warm color, add a special glint to the room and can go along with most spaces and styles.

מנורות נחושת במטבח

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מחיצת עיגולי נחושת

Via Baumillerkossowska

אהילי נחושת טום דיקסון

Via Luxist

אופני נחושתVia Copper Never Be Gold

Paddling with style.

קיר נחושת בחדר שינה

A decorative wall as a headboard gives warmth and elegance to the bedroom.

מנורות נחושת על רקע הלוח

Even outside the copper is resilient, and with time, thanks to oxidation, slowly changes and adds an organic look to the garden.

מפלי מים על קיר נחושת

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קיר דקורטיבי מנחושת לחוץ

Via Pinterest

In the bathroom or the kitchen, copper can be used in functional elements that only add to the room.

אמבטית נחושת 2

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אמבטית נחושת

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כיור מטבח מנחושת

Via Restart

Copper is like a jewel in the kitchen.

כיור וברז מטבח מנחושת

Via Traditional Home

Even without investing in a main element, which tends to be expensive and obligating, you can always spice things up with some beautiful objects and tools.

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