Triplex at Sea & Sun

Shooting a newly finished project and putting it on the site is always a huge moment of satisfaction. This time it is a triplex apartment in the Sea & Sun project on the northern Tel Aviv beach.

A half-Israeli family with three children which just returned to Israel from the USA asked for a light, modern and cozy house, in which they will feel as if they were always on a vacation.

I invite you to explore the different rooms with me.

An inviting sitting area by Chill,perfect for sitting on the deck with a glass of wine when during sunset.

A shower with a large shower head in the garden, to wash the sand before entering the house.

The beautiful accessories by Basic give an authentic ambiance of a beach.The furniture were picked in the “Metro” shop in Jaffa, Items’ ‘little sister’. The carpet is a carpet weaved in a traditional Moroccan technique with a modern pattern from the shop Josephon.

The color white was chosen as a bright base color in order to fill the apartment with light, since the apartment has only two air directions. The base white I spiced up with blue and turquoise hues, as befitting a beach house.

Natural materials such as wood, stone, linen and cotton add a relaxing and cozy feel to the house.

The abstract paintings are by Ofri Marom.

The narrow window with the Mashrabiya is the only one which lets light through (from the north) to the ground floor, other than the glass door to the garden (from the south). In order to keep a bright and airy feel to the dark apartment we chose a completely white kitchen.

A sunk-in stove and an integral refrigerator (hidden with an identical door to that of the cabinets) keep the kitchen with a clean feel to it.

The guest bathroom is covered with a grey stone mosaic in a match-like pattern, with a Corian sink.

In the master suite there is a curved wooden Oversize bed, a private sentimental item for the clients, which therefor earned the ‘central stage’ of the room.

A small area to relax in on the room’s balcony.

The bathroom is hidden behind a ‘magic’ door with bus axis in the closet, therefor keeping a clean look for the not-so-large bedroom.

A special thanks to Efrat from Café VeYafe from whom I learnt this great trick.

The parents’ bathroom is paved with parquet-like granite porcelain tiles that match the parquet in the master bedroom, a practical and attractive solution for a wooden look in a wet room. A Corian plate with a through sink and two taps, one for each parent.

The breathtaking beddings and pillows are by Ili. beautiful and high-quality.

In the daughter’s room, a young teen, there is a small enviable wardrobe, with high doors with glass window, and inside merry and surprising purple Formica. The space between the doors and the wardrobe is a perfect storage place for bags, shoes and other object which tend to be thrown around the rooms.

The accessories are by Yoyo, designs for children.

The children bathroom is a windowless room. The giant waterfall image covering the back wall improves the perspective of the room and makes it feel larger and deeper.

I wish the family countless days of joy and relaxation in their new house.

Pictures by Aviv Kurt.